Review the Vibrating Exercise Machine

Review the vibrating exercise machine and see what it can do for you

Vibrating machines for exercise are being used by many, including celebrities, to increase fat loss. VibraSlim and Power Plate are two of the most popular vibration exercise machine companies. Using a vibrating exercise machine is safe and effective for nearly anyone.

The VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Machine produces vibrations in the power plate that radiate from the feet up throughout the body. This makes the muscles contract anywhere from 5 to 30 times every second. The body is an amazing thing and it has the ability to adapt to external stimuli. The benefits from a vibrating exercise machine are part of the adaptation process.

Originally, Power Plate and VibraSlim vibrating machines for exercise were used to increase muscle strength and bone density. The early users of these machines notices a large increase in range of motion and flexibility. Because the muscle fibers contract so quickly, it greatly increased flexibility. Other health benefits attributed to using a vibration exercise machine are faster metabolism, lower cortisol, increased HGH, higher bone mineral density, and higher lymphatic flow. The machines can achieve all of these benefits without being strenuous on the ligaments or joints, and it can be accomplished in just 10 minutes.

Unlike other vibrating machines for exercise, the VibraSlim is sold directly from the manufacture. This reduces the middle man and keeps prices affordable. The VibraSlim comes with a one week money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the machine for any reason in the first seven days, return the vibrating exercise machine for a refund. Unlike the Power Plate machine, the VibraSlim comes with a lifetime warranty for the motor and a two-year warranty on all other parts.

Michael Ventrella, a contestant on The Biggest Loser, regularly uses the VibraSlim vibrating machines for exercise. He attributes part of his weight loss to the machine. Mark Wahlberg also uses a vibrating exercise machine as part of his workout routine. Sophia Bush uses the VibraSlim not only for keeping her fit, but also to increase bone density. Other big stars that use a vibration exercise machine to look great are Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, and Natalie Imbruglia.

The VibraSlim is easy to use. It’s fast and fun, soon you will find yourself wanting to workout. Use the machine three to seven days a week for just 10 minutes at a time. Because the machine targets so many muscle groups, 10 minutes are all that are needed for a full body workout. To get more results, adjust body position and posture to target different muscle groups.

Vibration exercise machines were invented by the Soviet Union Space Program. Cosmonauts were experiencing a decrease in muscle tissue and bone density during long periods of time in space due to no gravity. Researchers discovered that using a vibration exercise machine could not only prevent the bone density and muscle tissue loss, but could increase both of them. This discovery allowed the Russian astronauts to stay in space almost three times as long as NASA astronauts, who had to return due to bone density and muscle loss.

Vibrating power plates can do more than just increase muscle mass and bone density. It can also help you lose weight, reduce back pain, increase strength, reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase collagen production, and so much more. The VibraSlim is a durable machine made from steel, not plastic like some other vibrating exercise machines. Exercise can be fun, quick, and easy with the VibraSlim.