About Vibration Fitness Plate

The Best Way to Get into Shape is the Vibration Exercise Machine

The vibration exercise machine is a quick and easy way to get a work out. Only ten minutes, three to seven times a week, is enough to promote health, facilitate weight loss, and strengthen muscle. However, the most amazing thing about the vibration machine isn’t the ease of use, but the effectiveness of the product and all the added benefits. Vibraslim’s vibration exercise machine builds bone density and muscle strength, while increasing flexibility and range of motion. It has also been found that body vibration enhances metabolism, reduces cortisol, relieves stress, increases lymphatic flow and elevates the levels of HGH, all without high impact movements which might risk injury.

Say Goodbye to Exhausting Hours of Aerobics and Fad Diets
The problem with diets and extreme exercise programs is that most people cannot stick to the plan for life. If they can make it through the first four weeks they may continue for maybe six months to a year, but over time they always quit, only gain back the weight, and more besides. Yo-yo dieting is very unhealthy and always leads to more weight gain in the long run. Exercise plans fall to the wayside because they just do not integrate well into the daily schedule. Slicing an hour out of each day, just to end up sweaty and exhausted, is hard to justify, day in and day out. Eventually, something comes up that causes a schedule conflict. Once the routine is broken it’s hard to start again.

Vibraslim’s vibration machine is so easy and quick that most people do stick with it. The experience is not unpleasant. Body vibration leaves the user feeling invigorated, not exhausted. Completing 10 minutes a day is not a problem, since most people can squeeze in ten minutes some time during the day. Squeezing in that ever increasing hour plus workout can become impossible, but the Vibraslim vibrating plate machine has been proven not only more effective for weight loss but also to have much more significant long term effects, and extended use remains a painless way to maintain weight and health.

How to use the Vibraslim vibrating plate machine
Using the Vibraslim vibration machine is very simple. Just stand on the vibration plate and hold on to the handlebars. The vibration plate does not rely on up and down motion pistons, but rather creates a triangular oscillating vibration motion. The unique plate machine movements have been proven to be safer and more effective than up and down motions. When ten minutes are up, simply switch off the plate machine and step off the vibration plate. It’s that easy. All that is required, is to be able to stand up for ten minutes. Only ten minutes of body vibration, on the vibration exercise machine provides a workout superior to an hour’s walk or jog. In only ten minutes a day, just by standing on a vibration plate, body vibration yields better health, stronger bones, toned muscles and more HGH.

How is This Effective?
When standing on the vibration plate, VibraSlim users experience intense muscle fiber contractions up to 30 times per second. Rapid intense contractions literally speed up the exercise process, by using body vibration and the body’s automatic compensation for these movements. Vibraslim vibration machine puts no stress on joints, tendons or ligaments, nor does body vibration pose any risk of injury. Exercise is quick, efficient and easy with Vibraslim vibration exercise machine.

Vibration Exercise Machine

A vibration exercise machine is a very good tool which helps to get more out of workouts. It is one of the most growing sectors now-a-days. Most of people who have become tired of using different techniques and methods of gaining fitness are now turning towards vibration exercise machines. It is the best method of getting rid of unwanted pounds of weight in very less time. This machine has been a great success for most of the people, like men loosing pounds of weight from their tummies and women loosing weight to fit in their dresses. It is a type of body exercise machine which is famous all over the world due to its unlimited benefits. Use of this machine is spreading like a wildfire people are out there to buy these machines and at the same time telling their friends and all the family members to experience there benefits. Theses machines have a benefit of whole body vibration which works on the principle that vibration causes volatility in the body and as a result the body muscles start contracting and relaxing automatically so that they can regain stability.

All its benefits and uses can be experienced if and only if you buy and use it and experience the vibration with the loss of weight. Vibration machine is not only best option to loose weight but it also enhances the blood circulation in the body and especially in the cardiovascular system. As the person starts his exercise, the muscles become unstable and start to contract and relax rapidly in order to gain stability. This also increases the bone density and strength of the muscle tissue. All of this contribution (health) has been investigated and confirmed by Russian researchers. This exercise is also defined to be excellent approach towards bone growth and it has been very popular among the North Americans after it has shown all the above described results. Not only America (north) but this machine is gaining popularity in Washington State and moving all the way towards Florida. With the start of use of this machine, it is gaining popularity day by day and is being used by hundreds and thousands of people.

Whole-body vibration therapy:

This therapy had started in Russia and was first used in a space program and later on gained fame as a regular exercise for most of people due to its unlimited uses and advantages. This whole-body vibration therapy has become a must for most of people in away that this exercise has become their permanent habit. This a unique and efficient work out program for gaining fitness and at the same time to remain healthy from the muscle and bone point of view. During the start of space programs when astronauts were sent in space it was noticed that when they returned there work capacity had been affected negatively and they had suffered from weight loss. This weight loss had originally occurred due to muscle loss as mitochondria for there cells did not function well. All of this research had been done in the year 1970 by Russian researchers that the astronauts who came back from the space missions had a frequent loss in their body density. And when investigated, the entire above phenomenon showed a result that due to absence of gravity muscles also lost their weight. After this investigation, vibration exercise machine gained more popularity and it became a must for the gyms and fitness centers.